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Filtering hostname in Google Analytics 4

I’m the proud owner of a new portfolio website thanks to Webflow’s excellent 21 Day Portfolio course. Huzzah! At the end of the course, McGuire showed how to set up Google Analytics. The instructions were great!

However, I’ve found my own traffic from my subdomain is included in the reports with the custom domain stuff. I reached out to Webflow support to see if there’s any way to filter this out, to which they sent instructions to create pre-defined hostname exclusion filters in Google Analytics. Trouble is, McGuire set us up on the new Google Analytics 4! :scream: There seems to be no way to add filters like you used to in the traditional “Universal Analytics”.

Does anyone know how to exclude subdomain traffic from Google Analytics 4? I’m the kind of person who publishes very often and preview results when I do. Ideally, I’d like to run my own visits on the domain and leave my custom domain untouched for tracking.

I’m sure this is in the works, but it would be great if Webflow University would cover something like this. I’m sure with people setting up GA4 tracking they’ll want to know how to remove their own traffic from said reports too.

I saw this related topic from another Webflowian but it seems I’m too far down the road to take advantage of this solution.

Thank you!

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So the simplest solution would be to exclude internal traffic using an IP address rule. Head to streams:

Then define internal traffic:

Alternatively (if you don’t have a static IP), add GA4 to Webflow using tag manager, but instead of firing the trigger on all pages, fire on all pages that contain your domain name.

I put together a post on installing tag manager in Webflow here and adding GA4 here. Just remember to adjust the firing rule fo the tag.

ooh, sorry, just saw you linked to me there, anyhow, I’d really recommend going down the Tag Manager route, apart from the advanced tagging for GA4 it’ll allow you to do so much more with event tracking and easily adding Tags for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Ads etc. Once you’ve got the hang of it it makes life so easy.

Hey J8kes, thanks for the reply! Appreciate your help with this.

Can you elaborate more on the “Alternatively…add GA4 to Webflow suing tag manager…” route? I’ll be checking my website using multiple devices and not sure the internal traffic/IP filter will be enough.

Update: I like to consider myself a tech-savvy guy, but this is so so confusing. Unfortunately the Google Analytics and Tag Manager stuff is beyond me.

I removed the GA integration in Webflow settings, then deselected my custom domain names to publish only to the one. Hopefully this works!

@joemoewin Install Google Tag Manager, Add Google Analytics, then instead of firing that tags on All Pages, fire on pageviews, and select some pageviews, then only fire on the domain you’d like to track.

Sorry, saw your post again and just thought of this.