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Is there a third-party product review plugin that we can integerate in E-Comm?

I’m looking for a way to include a customer reviews section in my product page. Like there’s DISQUS for comments, is there something like this for product reviews that I can integrate into WF?

I Have tried à couple. Im using à Free version of Yotpo in one of mine sites

@JanneWassberg Can you share the URL of the mentioned site?

Here is the link to

This is a page on my site. Im showing reviews on the full product page.

Hey @Hamza_Nasim !

Take a look at! We offer a review solution native to Webflow.

We connect directly to your store and send automated emails to your purchasers requesting a review. You can customize the email, display options, the delay between purchase and review request and do a bunch of other cool stuff :slight_smile:

Please reach out if I can help you get set up.