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Reviews ans star rating

Hi i have been playing with reviews and star rating with the eCommerce. I found YOTPO wich is a very cool system but also have a very good free plan. YOTPO is today already connected to the biggest eCommerce solutions and could very easy be integrated in Webflow, are you reading… :grinning:

You can us it as it is but with an integration it would be really cool. I have added two videos showing how it looks in my Webflow site, The first video shows the product page where you can write a review and give a star rating.

The second vide shows how it look like when the review have been entered, first on the group page with a star rating and then at the product page after the review has been validated.

If you have any questions and if there is any interest i may write a white paper.

I have also been testing with Zapier and integromat and Integromat is the best. There are still some open issues regarding Integromat

Hey Janne!

I’d like to also tell you about – we’re the only webflow-first review collection/management system that integrates directly into Webflow without any additional help. It’s highly customizeable, too.

Disclaimer: I’m a co-founder, but this seemed like a relevant place to post (not trying to be spammy) because it may be an easier way to implement this.