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Product Reviews for Webflow's NEW Ecom site - Yotpo? Trustpilot?

Hey Guys -

Walking the fence on moving my store from BigCommerce to Webflow’s new Ecom.

One of our BIGGEST selling features is our 500+ 5 Star reviews from a 3rd party company (we use Yotpo / Grandfathered in thank God - they are too expensive).

And unbiased reviews from customers is HUGE!!!

If we go w/ Webflow - how is the product rating system handled? 3rd party? Can we import existing reviews??

Plz let me know -


They do have an embedded widget that you can embed on any page.

You could create a dynamic embed and reference the widget dynamically from a collection.


Perfect! That’s what we needed -

Thx -

Hey @FSUAlum98,

if you are still looking for a more direct native customer reviews solution for Webflow, take a look at Monto Reviews

Happy to help you port over your existing reviews on whatever platform, too.

Holler at us if you have any questions:

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Will this also work when using Webflow + Shopify? So NO Webflow E-Commerce… If yes, how?


Monto Reviews won’t for folks using Shopify Buy Button integration, just for Webflow ecom users.

(sorry for the incredibly late reply, somehow didn’t see this :sweat_smile:)