Create Review which lets my website show customers' reviews

Hi every one,
I would like to create a review code which can help me get star ratings for my site in the google search results.
Could anyone can please help me? My website:
Thank you so much!

This depends on:

  1. Do you want to manage it on your own server (non-hosted)?
  2. Do you want to embed it inline on your Webflow page?
  3. Do you want to use another application (hosted or non-hosted) and have a separate independent page (not on Webflow) where users can add reviews. It can be a separate link on your own domain, just add a nav link in Webflow to that page.

Here are a few options for embed and non-hosted to be purchased and loaded on your server:


Thanks for the useful information, Gary Michael!

Your welcome not a problem. Have fun.

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Hi @thuyhoa37

Since your original posting in 2018, there has been a number of review plugins you could use on your site. One that comes to mind is Embed Socials, which allows you to embed reviews from different social media accounts. This will save you from having to wait for reviews on your site, you could just pull them in from other sources.

To access these reviews, Login into EmbedReviews account and generate your reviews. Then grab the code that is provided to you. Then navigate to your Webflow website and click ‘Add Element’ and then choose ‘Embed’. From there, copy and paste the code to where you want your reviews to appear.

The other integration here is called Monto. With Monto, users can write reviews directly on the site. The great thing about Monto is, you could customize it to your band colors, making it a more customizable experience. For more information: Monto Reviews for Webflow Ecommerce & CMS

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In short, you will need a code that will generate the aggregated rating of your reviews displayed on your webpage.

  • Add the schema code on a specific product page
  • Add the code before other schema codes
    For more information visit here:

Thanks for the shoutout @Shuib!

@thuyhoa37 happy to help with reviews if you’re still looking for a good solution. :sunglasses: