Create Review which lets my website show customers' reviews

Hi every one,
I would like to create a review code which can help me get star ratings for my site in the google search results.
Could anyone can please help me? My website:
Thank you so much!

This depends on:

  1. Do you want to manage it on your own server (non-hosted)?
  2. Do you want to embed it inline on your Webflow page?
  3. Do you want to use another application (hosted or non-hosted) and have a separate independent page (not on Webflow) where users can add reviews. It can be a separate link on your own domain, just add a nav link in Webflow to that page.

Here are a few options for embed and non-hosted to be purchased and loaded on your server:


Thanks for the useful information, Gary Michael!

Your welcome not a problem. Have fun.

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