Is it possible to use a Header/Text block to dynamically reference info in a collection?

-I have a Collection called “Events”. Inside it are events with titles like “Massachusetts Training,” “New York Training,” “California Training,” etc.

-I just built out about twenty Collections template pages that dynamically reference all the data in this collection. One for each page: California, New York, etc.

-I then discovered that Collections template pages aren’t actually visible once the website is published (unless I’m wrong?).

-Now, I need to build static pages that look exactly like these templates, because I need users to be able to visit those pages. Can I drag/drop a Header element and have it reference “New York” from the Event collection? And a paragraph element that references the “accommodations and meals” section? etc. It’s obvious to me how to do this on a Template page, but it doesn’t give me that choice on a Static page.

Or should I just build these pages completely static?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @troyANFT

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Collection pages are available to view on a live site, you of course need to make sure that you link to the pages somehow.

You can build static pages and add collections, or the template pages are there so the content is consistent, pulling data you entered into the CMS.

To further understand CMS sites, it’s worth taking a look at some of the CMS templates. You can preview all of the paid ones in the designer without purchasing and it helped me to understand the workings better.

Thanks very much for this info, Mark. Would you mind explaining to me how to create a link on a static page that takes a user to a collections page? I prefer to use a text link if possible.

Here’s a brief video using an example of mine. Hope this makes sense. If you get stuck, share your read only link and I can use your site as an example.


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This is incredibly helpful, thank you so much for doing this. You’ve saved me a ton of work.

Here is my project link:

If you navigate to the Guide Training Overview page, you’ll see a Collections List that displays a bunch of information on training dates (Example: Costa Rica…Florida…etc)

I’m not sure this is possible given what you showed in your video, but is there any way to make the actual locations names (Costa Rica, UK, Slovenia, etc) clickable links that take the user to that location’s Collections Template page? I’ve got a Template page built for each of these locations.

If that’s not possible, maybe I can just create a separate collections list just like you did in your video.
Or, I could get rid of the references in Column 1 of the current collections table, then drop a new collections list in there with only the location names and clickable links to those pages, just like in your video.

What would you recommend?

Thanks so much Mark!

Yes! Super easy… just change the event name for a link, and connect it up. Et Viola! (That’s the limit of my French) :joy:


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You are a hero and I will recommend you be considered for Knighthood.
Thank you so much for all the help!


Haha you’re very welcome! :grinning: great job on the website, very detailed and well structured!