Feature Request: Allow Collections Lists to be unique elements on CMS pages

I’m not really sure how to describe this, but here is my problem:

I’ve got a group of ten CMS pages for my company’s upcoming Events.
Each Event is in a different part of the world, so naturally, we will have different staff at each location.
When I put a Collections List onto an Event page, I’d love for it to be able to display the proper staff for each Event.

However, the same staff populate on every single CMS page, and filtering for one group changes that group for all pages.

What is the best way to handle this situation?

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Can you provide a shareable link for this project?

It sounds like you have too many pages/collections created where it would be just a matter of create a multi-reference field for the events collection.

So you would have a collection with staff in it. A collection of locations. And then a collection of the events themselves. From there you can create a multi-reference field within the events page and select the individual staff members for each different event, with an appropriate location.

Then you wouldn’t need to filter and have this issue.

Hope this helps.


Hi BluBerry, here is the read link:

If you navigate to the CMS “Events Template” and look at the section that says “Your Trainers for this Event”, I’m trying to get different trainers to populate for each Event. But whatever I do to one collection list, it happens to all the others, so the result is that the same 2 trainers display for all Events.

What can I do?

Hey @troyANFT

Adjust the filter on the list to Current Event so it filters based on the reference for that item.

Is this what you’re looking for?

This solved it! Thanks so much. Obviously I just have a lot more to learn…

My pleasure! We can always learn more and this forum is great for that. :webflow_heart: