Having trouble linking a static page to a collections page!

(Building a website for my company)
I’m looking at a Webflow page that another employee built. It is not a static page, but rather a blue CMS Collections Page named “Events template.” I found the Events collection in the Collections menu, but I still don’t know how to make a text link to this specific page.

I want to create a text link called “Northern California” that users can click and end up on this page. However, when I create the link, I can only select Static pages.

Am I looking at a page that does not actually exist when the website is published? What can I do?

Edit: I found this Linking Collections video, but it does not help. When I drag a button onto the canvas, there is no option to link it to a Collections page. Only a static page.

Hi @troyANFT

Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here are three images that depict my issue.
In the first image, I’m on a static page, and I’m trying to text-link to a collections page. The option is not available in the link options.

In the second image, I’m on the same static page, except I’ve dragged in a button instead of a text link. The same issue exists.

The third image shows the Collections page. I built it out; it exists. I’m not sure how to link anything to it.

Hope this helps

Does anyone have any insight?

Hey post that read-only link.

If I have it correct?

  1. You want a ‘New’ text link, on a regular page within the site, that goes to a Collection Page?

Hi Gary,

I actually have altered the page a little bit, so I’ll share the new link with you.

So if you navigate to the Guide Training Overview page, you’ll see my problem:

It’s a static page with a (newly created) Collections list. I need each item in Column 1 of the list to link to its respective Collections page.

Costa Rica needs to link to the Costa Rica Events Collection page,

Ottawa needs to link to the Ottawa Events Collection page, etc.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you!


Edit: I just now realized that a Template page (collections) is not something you can actually link to.
So I guess I need to build a static page for each of these Events templates?

I had the same problem and what worked for me was:

  1. Created a Grid with as many columns as needed for the design.
  2. Added a Div Block to each cell.
  3. Added a different collection list to each div block, linked the desired collection in each cell, set the layout to full width, added a display limit of one.
  4. Added a Link block linking to the "Current (collection name) "
  5. Put an image inside the link block and said “get image from collection”

That’s how I fixed it for me, hope it makes sense and helps.