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Combine dynamic and static content

I’m trying out dynamic content for the first time but I can’t seem to find a good way to make semi-dynamic/-static pages. I’m building a portfolio and I need the info-block to look the same, but the images/animations/videos in the main part will vary. Can I use collection lists to import my top section (Title, tags, lead and stats)? I added an image of my current sketch. The part that will change is the content between te info section and the “next project”-section.

It kind of looks like if I make a CSV file with all the different project info, It would be possible to add a list with only one project which adds inn the section with all the variables.

I’m open to any solution for this, but i would like to make it somehow automatic.


Hi @martsord, thanks for your post and for the good question.

I am not 100% sure what the end goal is in terms of page structure that you wish to achieve, however there are a few basic CMS components in Webflow that allows to having different dynamic and static content appear on a page.

I have a suggestion, one approach would be to create a Collection for your Portfolio projects.

Next create the collection fields of information for each project, these fields can be anything such as videos, images, multi-image fields, links, Rich Text and other field types. If you need to add or remove fields you can do that after the collection is created.

Next create a static page with a collection list that is bound to the collection containing your data.

Creating your static “Info” section there on the static page and put the collection list in it’s own section between your content which never changes.

On the design page, I would suggest a horizontal scrolling layout to show the items in the collection list so that those scroll from right to left.

Individual elements in your dynamic data layout can be bound to get source data from the underlying collection and show that data for each item in your collection list.

You could show data directly from the collection in the collection list for each item, or you can use that as a clickable link to the detail information page for each project or both.

Here are some good resources in order to check out:

  1. Webflow CMS Overview: Intro to Webflow CMS | Webflow University
  2. Using Collections: CMS Collections | Webflow University
  3. Using Collection lists
  4. Using Dynamic Collection Page Templates: Collection pages | Webflow University
  5. Overview to Dynamic Content: Overview dynamic content | Webflow University
  6. A more advanced usage, you can also apply conditional visiblity to a design element to show or hide based on some value coming from the collection field: Conditional visibility | Webflow University
  7. Creating a horizontal scroll layout: Advanced interactions: Horizontal scroll in Webflow - YouTube

I hope this helps.