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On my home page i have a collection list of events, and a collection list of coaches who will host the events. I wanted to have a link block in each event connected to a page section that goes directly to the coach of that specific event (not a separate page, but a page section). is it possible to do this?
Here is a link to the page: currently the link blocks are not dynamic as you can see

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I managed to come up with a solution, here it is if anyone needs it:
i embeded the following code where i wanted the button to be:

< a href="#marc">< div>Marc< /div>< /a>

since its in a collection field i removed the name “marc” and added a field with “name” (there are two “marc” in the code above).

then embedded the following code in the second cms to give each item an id :

< div id=“marc”>< /div>

again where it says “marc” i placed a cms field with “name”

(also delete the space before “<” for the code to work)

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