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Connecting single words to a collection

I’m not sure if this is possible or if I’m being oblivious. If I have multiple pages with the same content but I want the multiple references to the locations to change based on the collection page, can I do this?


Find a Professional in [Location Name]

Need an installation in [Location Name]? Contact us today!

Welcome to the community! Thankfully there should be a couple of different ways to handle this depending on where you need the text to appear.

If it’s on a collection page, you can map a separate text element to pull content from your collection data—just make sure you’ve set up the text to appear inline:

If it’s not on the collection page, you’ll need to include a collection list element to reference the data and follow the steps above.

Liberal use of inline worked. Allowing collection connections withing a rich text element might be a nice feature to implement but I’m just happy my time will be saved going forward atm lol.