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Is it possible to upload an entire folder with HTML etc. files to webflow?

Hello, over the next few weeks I’m planning to do my very first client website in webflow. Very excited!

A specific question we’re wondering about is, what are my possibilities to upload an entire stand alone webshop into webflow? at the moment it is just a folder in the root which contains everything needed for it to function.

TL;DR: Is there something like an open FTP to do this? If so, where? If not, what are my alternatives?

Edit: If it helps it is an old webshop build in ShopFactory. (atleast 20y old)

It’s not what you are asking for but it might help you

I’d consider the lack of a CDN one of Webflow’s greatest limitations. I’ve been trying to integrate MapSVG to my site for the past month - and as you’ve stated, it’s all contained within a folder containing all the files. I tried uploading the folder to an Amazon S3 server, then altering the links within the code to reference the proper locations. But I’ve had little success.