Can I upload ZIP file / folder to webflow webserver?

Not sure if CMS Help is the right category for this but…

I want to integrate a FLIPBOOK into my website using “Instant Flipbook” software. They say that the program will only work “As long as your webserver allows you to upload a folder with multiple sub-folders in one go (not one by one) or via FTP client”.

I don’t think Webflow will allow this, but I wanted to double-check.


Hi @WG910, not yet directly into Webflow, as mentioned by our article about the Assets Panel:

The Assets Panel supports most image file types: PNG - JPEG and JPG - GIF - SVG.

If you have a premium Account plan or your project has an active Hosting subscription, you can also upload six types of document files: PDF - DOC and DOCX - XLS and XLSX - PPT and PPTX - TXT - CSV.

The maximum file size is 4MB for images and 10MB for documents.

Currently, document file uploads are not supported in the CMS or Editor, but will be coming soon.

Another option is store the zip file on an external server and then link to it, i.e if you put the zip file in Dropbox, create a public share link, then link to the zip file via the public share link. You can use any external service you want, if they allow you to create download links.

Webflow does not provide support yet for external links though, so you need to make sure those links stay active on your own.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks. That solves my issue. I’ll use a company that offers hosting of my flipbook on their server instead.

Can we upload zips of 10MB already?


No kidding. Asking my client to upload a ZIP to their Dropbox because their website can’t store it sure does make Webflow look really bad.


Yes. Sell webflow with unlimited storage and (practically) unlimited data, but a file upload larger than 4 mb is not possible… :thinking:


We would like to offer a press kit on our website in different languages.
Containing images, pdfs, etc.

Would be really helpful to allow putting .zip files into the CMS for this.


Is there a wish list item for this? This is a huge problem.

Edit: Found it.

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i literally cant use webflow now because they still haven’t added this feature in the year 2021

I need to sell my app on our site and my customers cant download it

do you know of any alternatives?

im switching to wix in the meantime

Upload your files to a CDN or something like Dropbox or an S3 bucket, then paste the file link on a button within your page. That’s the best way to do it. Easy fix.

Feels a bit double, since we’re already using the CDN from webflow.
But for now it’s the only solution, yes.