Upload of a directory of files from old website


I’m in the process of assessing if Webflow is a right choice for my client website. The website is quite simple, but there is one catch.

The client has to publish a lot of business reports and documents on their website. And they already have 1000+ documents published on their current website. There are links to them in 500+ CMS items. I will be able to transfer these CMS items to Webflow, but the links to the documents will stay the same. Of course, these files have to be accessible on the new website too.

All the documents are in one directory: client.com/storage, so currently the link is always like /storage/document1.pdf etc.

Now, if Weblflow would offer FTP access I would simply upload the “storage” directory to Webflow via FTP and all the links would work. But I know there is no such possibility.

The only soultion I could think of is keeping the old website only as a file storage, linking it to a subdomain like old.client.com and then setting up a 301 redirect from new (Webflow) website /storage/(.*) to https://www.old.client.com/storage/%1 .

But this makes little sense, since I reccommended Webflow as a way to stop paying for the old hosting and save money.

Do you see any other solution for that?


Hi @kvbz :wave: welcome to the forum

No, unfortunately they will not. Every time you upload a file, even if it’s the same file, you get a new link.

This happens if you upload a file into the asset manager, or the CMS within the File or Image fields.

That’s a good idea. You could also just keep the old site (domain) for the urls and redirect all of them to a proper file hosting service. Then add those old site (domain) urls your new Webflow site, which… redirect to the proper file hosting service :sweat_smile:

Hope that helps!