Multiple hosting?

I have an existing website but am currently designing a new version in Webflow which will replace my existing site.

My new site will require Webflow CMS hosting because it has dynamic content. I’m perfectly happy with this, but it raises a couple of questions:

  1. I want to store downloadable assets such as PDFs and AI files - is this possible with Webflow hosting?
  2. I use my current hosting to upload HTML, CSS & images to a client folder to show web pages in development to clients. If I cancel my existing hosting and just use Webflow, would I still be able to do that?

If neither of these are possible, could I keep the (very cheap) hosting I currently have so that I can upload these assets/pages through FTP, alongside Webflow CMS hosting?


Not yet. So you need to put them on another repository. From the very accessible Dropbox, to a proper server, to a cloud space like Amazon S3.

Somehow. Once you’ve setup your domain in Webflow, you’ll get options when publishing: on .io, on custom domain, or both. You check the box in front of options:

You can so publish things, also unpublish on any location (see the unpublish link in the box).

So, you can use as a “staging” location (to show your client ongoing new development) and as soon as he’s ok with it, you unpublish the staging and push it to production (your custom url).

Thanks for this Vincent.

I wasn’t clear on the client demo pages - I mean pages that haven’t been built in Webflow. Say if I code them myself in a HTML editor. Obviously, Webflow won’t be able to handle these pages, but if I have my own hosting as well as Webflow CMS, I will still be able to create my own sub folders and upload whatever I want there?

not quite sure I understand the questions… but will try to answer:

webflow pages will not be able to reference images on the other domain
but there can be a link on the webflow page that directs the user to the other domain.

for example: your “item detail page” could have a menu drop down link on the webflow site
that opens a page on the other domain.

When the other page opens… you will be outside the webflow server… and the user will need to click a link go back at some point.

Not at all. You won’t be able to access your hosting in Webflow like you do with your server, create folders, upload content. For that, you need to keep your actual server or get a cheaper CDN aside. As I said, Dropbox, any server, or Amazon S3 will work. Private virrtual server for that kind of use can be as cheap as $5 a month.

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