File Hosting within Webflow?

I know the Webflow team is busy working on lots of cool improvements all the time… I was just wondering how far down the line can we expect to see integrated file hosting for scripts/etc…

Thanks for your time in advance…

Thanks for the question @Mogeek. We have plans to add this functionality, but we don’t have an ETA for you. When we have something more concrete I’ll reply here.

Sounds great, thanks :wink:

@webflow :wink:

Any updates on this guys? I know we have an asset manager & the ability to upload/host our own images, svg’s, etc on a per site basis. It would be super nice if we could upload our own scripts, js, css files to easily link up to jquery plugin’s/etc rather than having to externally link to this kind of stuff or hope there is a cdn hosted version out there on the web.

Even if it could be implemented on a limited basis as all this kind of stuff has a really small footprint, maybe only allow certain file extensions (.js, .css, etc…) to begin with until you figure the rest out. You may be thinking bigger/broader than this request (i.e. a way to facilitate a WF user wanting to upload/host a TB of music or data files… haha…). Can we start out small until you work the rest out?

Thanks again :wink: