Form dashboard for CMS Editors

Hi guys

I have a client I made a site for, but the website is still on my account.
I have set up a form email, so they automatically receive all form entries in their mailbox.
There’s an automatic link in that email saying:
"To view and configure your form entries, visit "

Of course, they don’t have access to my dashboard, so they can’t access the form entries…

Is it possible to add a feature where CMS editors are able to see form entries in a list?



Hey @kasperkazzual you could setup a Zapier integration to do this, though it could be a really cool native function within Webflow! :slight_smile:

Check out this link for more information on Zapier Integrations with Webflow (you can do A LOT with these):

Hey @Waldo

Thanks for the tip.
I’ll suggest this as a temporary solution, but it would still be nice to have it as a native function :wink:

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You could also just remove that link from the form and avoid any confusion. I mean the form list is nice but you can’t really manage anything from it. Guess it might be a nice double check to make sure nothing is missed.