Is it possible to host your only one of your page in different subdomain?

Hi All,
I’m wondering if we can point only one of out page in a project to the another subdomain.
For example I have project hosted on For only 1 page instead of i want to use

Is it possible to do that without doing in a new project?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Beril, so what you’d want to do is

  • Connect your domain and subdomain to the project
  • Make the pages you do not want to be published to the sub-domain as drafts and set that page as a homepage (homepages cannot be saved as drafts)

    -Untick your main domain from the publish panel and tick the sub-domain and then publish

something similar to your issue here

Thank you for reply,
Unfortunately my website has more than 30 pages already. Save as a draft one by one with this method will be really hard. Because i guess for every update for both env. i need to do same process over again.

I guess there is no other way to do that.

Thank you

Hmmm from looking around this seems to be the only way would’ve been nice if you could make a folder as a draft containing all the pages hope Webflow implement this feature!

@austin do you have any ideas if this could be done quicker?

Hi Beril, what you’re describing here is a second website. However it’s possible to hack this type of behavior onto a single Webflow-hosted site in a couple of ways.

IMPORTANT: See Facundo’s notes below. Browsers restrict location history updates such that the domain name cannot be visibly changed, which means that approach #1 and #2 won’t fully achieve the desired result. I’ll leave them here as documentation, but Reverse Proxy or self-hosting are the only ways to achieve this completely.


  • Add your subdomain as an second domain on the site, and do NOT set a default domain. All pages on your site will then respond to either or
  • Add a small piece of script to your site-wide custom code. If someone tries to access any URL with the hostname, you’ll redirect them to /anotherpage.
  • Add another small piece of script just to your /anotherpage, which resets the URL history so that the URL being displayed is


Similar to above, but in some DNS providers like Cloudflare you can set subdomain redirection rules. In Cloudflare you’d setup a CNAME and a Rule for the redirect, and you’d still need step 3 above.


This is the most complex however it’s the only way to get full control over the URLs on a Webflow-hosted site. There are some guides in the forums.


If you do not need Webflow’s CMS, ECommerce, Memberships, Logic, form submission handler, etc, you can self-host your site. When exported to your own environment, you will have full control over the server configuration, since you set that up yourself.

Hi Michael.

I need to do the same as the OP for a client and after reading many posts in the forum, that is a really good summary of the solutions we have available nowadays. I appreciate the clarity.

A few more questions:

  1. About the easiest solution (1st step): nowadays I have the as default and as not default. If I remove the 2nd ( and add the in it’s place, what would happen when someone tries to enter

  2. About the easiest solution (3rd step): you mean a script to change the visible url to I thought you only could do that but only to the pathname part (with window.history.replaceState). Am I wrong?

Side note: the client is using GoDaddy as domain service, and I see that it exists a “Subdomain forwarding (to a specific URL)”. Do you know if that would work as a direct solution?

Thanks in advance!

If you want to support by itself, you’ll want to use a DNS that supports CNAME flattening and configure Webflow appropriately. Webflow’s docs cover that pretty well.

Ah! Good catch, yes that’s correct, and that renders option 1 moot. :expressionless: