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Publish only 1 page

My site development is growing to over 20 pages now. Outside of the sample link, is there a way to only publish per page. I’m doing updates on 3 pages. 1 is ready, but the others are not. But then the only way to get the 1 that is ready is to upload the entire site and the two page that are not. I hope I’m making sense here…

In the settings of each page you may save as draft. Do this for each page. The home page can’t be a draft. Then publish.

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Hello @20G,

What @HammerOz has stated is correct. Here is a quick video explaining that workflow.

Save Page as Draft |Video|

You can save a page as a draft and then hit publish. This will return Page Not Found if people try to navigate to the URL of a Page setup as a Draft


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Thanks! @HammerOz, @austin

Good info! Let me be a little more detail. Ex. I have three pages I’m working on. If one is ready to publish to the real domain name, and the others need some more time. If I publish the site, the one that is ready is all good, but then the other 2 still need work done to them. The pages that are still being worked on are already up for the user. As I update all pages, I don’t want the user to get what I’m working for the pages that are not done yet. When a page is done and uploaded to the real site, I’m having to go back to the ones that are incomplete and put them back to the previous version that works for the user. Maybe there is a better workflow, I’m just now really getting into how robust webflow can be. Are the both of you still saying save as draft is the way to go?

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So I think you are saying you want to keep an initial version live while developing new page versions. I actually actually don’t have a workflow for this either :thinking:.

I guess the way forward is to develop on another page all together to enable minor live updates. BUT you wouldn’t want to end up publishing the dev page (changing the url to the live url) as any relative links would still point to the old page.

So rather than make the dev page live, simply put all the new page content in a div, copy it into the live page when ready (hiding the original content in a div while doing final live testing.

You could create a dev folder that password protects all pages in it (ensuring the folder isn’t indexed) then publish those along with any public changes without needing drafts … potentially?

It will be interesting to see what other say…

You know what, thats on a smaller scale what I was doing. I was just hiding sections. One section was for testing, the other was the fully working live.

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