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Subdomain & different site

This might be a rookie question and I apologize in advance for taking up everyone’s time.
We have a website hosted by Webflow. We are adding a new practice area which contains extensive content. Instead of changing the current site, I thought about building a new site and forward it to a subdomain of the main site. For example, will have subdomain of A new site will be built under and hosted by webflow and forward it to the subdomain. Questions:

  1. Is this possible to do? I created a subdomain which seems to be working. I tried to 301 Redirect for an existing site (another unrelated site) to test and it does not seem to work. The Subdomain is forwarded to the main site.
  2. Do you have any other suggestions to address our objective?

thank you

Hey @S_Ron_Alikani — welcome to the forums! Not a rookie question at all.

You can indeed connect a subdomain (or many subdomains) to a Webflow website. For your use case, I think what you are planning on doing (building a new website and using a subdomain to point to that new website) would be best. In fact, that’s pretty much what the Webflow University recommends — see here:

Can I publish different pages to different subdomains?

It’s not possible to publish specific pages to specific domains or subdomains. If you need to publish different pages to different subdomains, you’ll need to set up separate projects for each page. Then, you’ll add a separate site plan to each project and add the specific custom domain(s) or subdomain(s) to each project.

In regards to your redirect not working, I’d be happy to help take a closer look at what’s going on if you can provide domain details. (Feel free to PM me!)

Hope that helps!

Just wondering if this has been simplified yet?
I’m creating a new version of my website,… and I’m wondering if I indeed need a new project + hosting or if I can do this under the current site.

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