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Subdomain for CMS Page

Hey All,
I have created a new site that allows me to create brand books for my clients online. But I would like for the domain name to be HTTP:// I have seen this as a feature request but there has to be a way to make it happen… can anyone help?

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If I understand you right, there should be no problem to achieve that.

Maybe you can find here the info you need:

Im sorry I completly left out a part… I want the CMS pages to each have a subdomain associated with them. so what would normally be would instead be available at

but that page did also have an answer to my question.
" Can I publish different pages to different subdomains?

It’s not possible to publish specific pages to specific domains or subdomains. If you need to publish different pages to different subdomains, you’ll need to set up separate projects for each page. Then, you’ll add a separate site plan to each project and add the specific custom domain(s) or subdomain(s) to each project.
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Yeah i saw that disappoiting ‘It’s not possible…’ part.
Did you have any luck to realise this?
I’m exactly looking for the same solution you are.

Woah, thanks for the link @JoeDer! I didn’t know that it is impossible to connect a subdomain to a specific page — that’s quite sad. I wanted to have a blog as a subdomain, but now I’ll need to use a subfolder.