Subdomains that point to


let’s say our domain is
The subdomain provided by webflow is

Now instead of using, we want to use 2 different subdomains:


These 2 domains should point to, and NOT to our live page (, since they are for testing purposes. How would we go about this? Just adding it in the webflow hosting settings would not work, since then the 2 domain would point to

(Why do we want those domains?

  1. We want them to be on the same domain, because that simplifies a lot of things, eg. retrieving cookies from http request only works on the same domain.
  2. We need 2 domains for testing, 1 where new local javascript code can be tested ( and one where staged/working js code is used ( Doing both things on the same domain ( is quite painful.)
  1. You can either duplicate the project and add a second hosting plan to the project with your custom subdomains, or

  2. You can add those subdomains to your project BUT not set a default/primary domain, AND selectively publish changes to the correct subdomain (pain in the **** to coordinate a content freeze if you have multiple designers & collaborators), or

  3. Export and host on an external server.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. So the purpose of this is to have 2 testing domains that reflect the current status of our webflow project before we release to our live domain. We only publish changes to the default domain only once per week, but regulary to webflows subdomain. Content editors are not permitted to publish (since unfortunately they can not select single domains to publish to). So solution 1 & 3 are not possible.

I’m curious about option 2. Currently we have a default domain. So if you don’t have one, you have to manually select all the domains you want to publish to? We currently have a bunch of other domains like, etc that go to Currently we get these publish options:

This would actually be okay for us, since we publish to the main domain only once per week anyway.

Then you will not be able to use option 2, unless you remove those add-on/parked domains from your project, and apply the redirect from the domain name registrar instead.

Example (Google domains):