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Ability to point subdomain at page or folder on site

*Currently we ( have our blog hosted on hubspot.

It’s currently on subdomain

We want to move our blog away from hubspot and build + host the new blog on webflow.

After we transfer the blog to webflow we want the blog to not be on a subdomain anymore, we’d like it to be on a subdirectory of… ie…

  1. Is this something webflow users do?

  2. If this is possible, what are the steps we’d need to take? What are the things we need to look out for?

Hi dshep!

You just need to create a page for your blog and the url structure will automatically be as you need (

Just to make sure not to compromise SEO, when setting up your custom domain you can add a 301 redirect from your old blog url to the new one. These settings can be found under the hosting tab on your site settings dashboard.

Thanks Nita for quick reply,
but Our ( is hosted on (cloudflare) not in webflow, we have some reply from webflow team.

“It may be possible to setup a reverse proxy server outside of Webflow to do some domain url masking, however it is not something Webflow currently supports.”

Can we have steps to follow with apache webserver in which our domain is mapped.
so if someone visit it will show the blog page which is on webflow.
is it possible to do so?

Hi @dshep

Check out this tutorial

I think it covers the kind of thing you are asking about.

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Ah, ok, I understood that you wanted to create a new site/blog in Webflow and then migrate the content.

Let link above, provided by Modii should cover your needs.

On shared url 6 steps are given.

  1. Create a site in Webflow called “Acme Blog” — or whatever you’d like.
  2. Add Webflow Hosting for this site.
  3. Install a reverse proxy on top of your web server. You can use nginx, node-proxy, or rails-reverse-proxy, depending on what web server you use.
  4. Create a rule that proxies all requests to and* to your Webflow subdomain,
  5. In the site settings for Acme Blog, set the href prefix to /blog. This will prefix all hrefs in your site to have “/blog,” so the links are now relative to the domain.
  6. Publish your site!

My understanding for proxy rule.
domain is (with subdirectory blog)
Proxy rule apache2

ProxyPass /blog/
will this work?
Provide me proxy rule for above concern.

anyone have achieve this using apache2 reverse proxy? please provide me proxy rule to redirect request from to (where url won’t be changed but content inside would be shown if someone hit

I have not done this myself, but I did some digging around and it looks like you would use Apache’s ProxyPass protocol.

So in the example Webflow gave it would look something like this:

ProxyPass "/blog" ""

This is a simple example. There are additional parameters you can read up on here:

Also view this page as well:

The section entitled “Simple Reverse Proxying” seems to be particularly helpful

Anyway hope this helps! Let me know if it works I’m kind of curious myself :smiley:

Another bit I found
book capture

Thanks Modii,

I have gone through same docs, will update if it does work.

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