User registration + login + create CMS + update CMS

Hi all

I’m looking for the best solution to build a layer on top of/next to a Webflow CMS website.
Basically I want a user to be able to:

  • Create an account
  • Log in
  • Create a new collection item
  • Edit, update or delete that collection item

The hard part? I want to do it without writing code…

I’m used to working with tools like Typeform with Zapier and creating collection items by filling in a form, but the problem is that the user can’t edit or delete that item once the form has been submitted.

Is there any way to do it? E.g. by having a user registration and login system on another platform that is connected to Webflow CMS by Zapier connections or updating a Google Sheet or something like that?

I’m already looking at things like Formtool and Bubble, but it’s a big learning curve.


Id love an answer to this as well

Also looking for some guidance on this

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Yep, totally doable.

I have 15 minute video walk through of doing just that with Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, and MemberStack. My video walks through the example of doing this with comments, but is trivially retooled for any other need.

  • Signup / Signin to memberships (create / log into accounts)
  • Create a comment (create new collection item)
  • Edit/Update the comment (edit/update collection item)
  • This video does not cover Delete’s, but it’s trivial to add with what I show you
  • Logged out visitors can view all comments
  • Logged in members may create comments
  • Logged in members may view a list of all their own comments
  • Logged in members may edit any of their own comments

The hard part? I want to do it without writing code…

Meh, not hard, get it done in just 15 minutes:

Hey Chris, thanks for pointing this out, this is super helpful.

I tried to access your site, but it seems it its down…

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@Roberto_Ayala thanks for the kind words.

I tried to access your site, but it seems it its down…

I’m seeing it up, maybe you had/have a hiccup with the inet on your side? If you’re still having an issue just DM me.

yep, it was in my end apparently. everything is alright on your side. incredible material btw!

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Can this method be applied to a different flow where the user can post an update, like an announcement with a title and image? I know it can be done by giving direct access to backend, but on our side, the website is updated by many users, each needing access to different sections.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, the answer is yes.

In fact, minus the image and that’s exactly what that screencast walks you through. That screencast is part 4 in a series, authentication is covered, and if you dig around on the blog you’ll find more walk throughs about how to provide access to individual users.

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