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IP Address Location

We are an agency and have a few clients that would like to remain on Webflow hosting without exporting to their host. However, we do not want all the clients to be lumped in under a single IP address.

If we host multiple clients in our account and offer client billing, will they be seen on the same shared hosting?

Can you please explain a little more how your “shared” IP address works and how each client will be or not be lumped in with our other clients using the same DNS settings?

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That is not an option with Webflow’s hosting. The CNAME records are the same for standard hosting (HTTP or HTTPS).

So, every customer on Webflow is on the same IP location/address…?


@soderman - If you read the documentation for hosting you will find there is two IP’s for the A record and one CNAME record for SSL. The SSL CNAME record currently resolves to four Fastly CDN records. If you are concerned about this from an SEO perspective I would not be. This is common on cloud hosted solutions since you can’t realistically assign a unique IP to every site.