Two different IPs for the A-Records? Please explain your Thoughts


Can everybody explain this screenshot please?

  1. Why does i need two different IPs for the A-Record. It is not normal that i use only one IP?
  2. What makes the CNAME entry and does i need it this entry on my server?
  3. Does i need all entries?

Thanks for helping. It a little bit confusing. We switched our site today and used the two IPs, but we had the problem that our site works with www. but not without www.


I am trying to get infos abt why you need two @ declarations but in the meantime:

YES you need to add all three declarations to your domain settings
The CNAME entry links the www subdomain to your domain. Actually, the default link is http://domain.extension. Linking the www is an extra declaration, even it for end users it appears to be the default.

So maybe you have a conflicting delcaration for the domain root in your domain settings. That would explain why only www is working.

Keep in mind that DNS chances can take up to 24h to chance do to the cache of your internet provider. That also gives sometimes problems with swapping A records.

Think the reason that you have 2 different IP is that webflow using multiple nameserver to solve your dns requests.
So if one isnt working the other one will pick up the request :slight_smile:

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Here we go :smile:

With DNS, it’s hard to say what is “normal” - but to maintain uptime/handle server failover, most websites will use many A records. For example the CNAME actually resolves to ~14 IP addresses currently. Very few websites will only use a single IP because in practice it is not possible to do so without some amount of downtime (network issues, or servers going down)

re: www vs. non-www

Every subdomain you have on your domain gets seperate DNS entries, so if you have only added entries for your root domain, will not work. (and likewise, if you have only added, won’t work) Without seeing exactly what DNS records you have entered, it’s hard to be more specific than that - if you post a screenshot of the page where you add DNS records, I can give you a better answer