Invalid AWS S3 link. :O

Hi friends,

There was thread in 2017 for an invalid link error for a vimeo video. It was some internal glitch: Embedding Vimeo, Webflow says "Invalid video link", but it's not

I’m having the same issue, but with an Amazon S3 link.

This is the link:

Can someone see if that link works on your end? I know the link will work in the browser, but Webflow is giving an error. :frowning: If you can add a video and give it the above link to let me know if you’re getting the same error.

And of course… maybe I’m missing something.

Thank in advance…

Here’s the “read-only”:

@dannyFig - You have not articulated how you are trying to add that video to the page. I suspect you are trying to use the video element. That won’t work.

See supported video sources ->

You can use a

You would just need to follow the guidelines people have used here in the forums. Search for “HTML5 Video”.

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