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Vimeo Embed Error

I’m getting an error that says “invalid video link”

I’ve tried using videos link in multiple ways but it always comes out the same. It won’t work. however, for a different page and a different video in the same format it works.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hey Drew, sorry you are experiencing issues. My team will take a look at this in the morning and I’ll post an update when we know more.

Hey there @drewprescott87! :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into your issue and the video under url you have provided ( doesn’t exist. When I visit the url I see this:


This may be caused by the fact that the video is private and requires login to be seen. Please double-check the url and let us know if it still doesn’t work for you. Happy to help furthermore :slight_smile:


Oh, interesting. This video is set to private, and I have the final published page white-labeled, do I need to Whitelabel the webflow backend also?

If the video is set to private it won’t work. You have to have it as unlisted or public for that video to work on Webflow website (or any other website).

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