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Embedding videos hosted in AWS S3

Hi! I’m having trouble setting a url from s3 into a video element. The video is public, it can be played in the browser
But when in the video element it says Invalid embed type: link
If anybody knows where I’m going wrong?

@Fisiomoviment.activa I not 100% sure, but aws is not supported by webflow


I already read that post and at the bottom Pixl3 wrote a code to embed a background video hostend in w3, which is almost what i pretend, and that I can do right now. But instead of background video, I want an ordinary one. There might be a clue for that?

Also here are instructions to set up w3 as a host for webflow:

Hi! I’m embedding the video from s3 with this code and it works. I just wondered why embedding the ‘video’ element didn’t work:

video width=“320” height=“240” controls>
source src=“” type=“video/mp4”>

Because the Video Media Element of Webflow only takes a link to a Vimeo or Youtube video page.

If you need to link and external video, what you did is the only way.

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If you add the video embed code in the cms template, you can add any video in the editor.
We created a knowledgable and all the editor needed to do was to add the filename (which was the variable)

Let me know if you have any questions on this.

If/when Webflow add it as a feature then this would be amazing.


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I tried to put the code in the custom code at the settings, but suppose that’s not it? If you could give me another clue?

Hey @Fisiomoviment.activa

You have to put it in a css template page - you’ll see it listed. Have a look at the screenshot.
Let me know if that helps.


Great @PiXL3! thank you all!