Can't play Webflow hosted HTML5 video

Hey dear Webflow community,

I’m having trouble loading Webflow hosted videos in an HTML5 video player. It seems to work in preview, but the player just keeps buffering on the published site. I managed to bring in videos hosted on a separate server but none on Webflow’s.

I appreciate any help or tipps. :pray:

Hi. Please also add live URL.

This 1
hosted Video not working for me - when i open this video on new-tab (Chrome/windows).

Throw this error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)

The issue not related to webflow. Check your Amazon S3 setting. Maybe related:

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Hey Ezra, thanks for the quick reply! I just added live URL.

Go to your amazon-S3 setting and check again your file setting (Public -or- Not?)
Again this issue not related to webflow.

Thank you Ezra, I’ll try!

Hey Ezra, sorry for bothering you again, I just tried it in another weblfow account and it still didn’t work. Where do I find these amazon-S3 settings? thank you!

I am not using this tool. But try this:

thx, I’ll try!! Appreciate the help.

As Ezra stated above. The video you are trying to link to is not working properly.

You could try re-uploading it to AWS or host is somewhere else.

Please let us know if you get it working!

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Hey Felix, I also tried uploading different videos that I managed to upload to other projects before. I also tried two accounts. I think I’ll go with vimeo although that isn’t as customisable as HTML5 video, player. I appreciate the help though!