Internal Stylesheet with Webflow Designer

I was wondering why the August update didn’t come with an Internal Stylesheet for the designer. This feature should have complemented the page code feature and limiting the code caveat not showing in the designer to only intense script coding, which is understandable. Hope this feature is added sooner than later as it would assist i solving the background image css being placed in the external stylesheet instead of the internal sheet after exporting WF code.

But as you can put mini stylesheets either in the custom code for pages or in any code widget, isn’t it solving what you’re looking for?

No it doesn’t as styles in the new page head n /body code feature will not be shown in the designer. Which is not designer-friendly, and more work!

Correct. Custom code will only perform on execution.

The ability to add custom css within the designer

  • and have it incorporated directly into the CSS file

would be greatly appreciate.

Currently, if you use any custom code (html, js, css)… it’s added to every html file.

Revolution: There has been a recent update where custom code is page specific - it is a great upgrade, I don’t get why WF don’t email or blog about the updates as that was a feature a lot of people wanted…

I agree about custom styles - Id really like to be able to target specific DOM elements with a certain element, eg. all <p> tags within a certain class.