Feature for syncing custom code to the editor?

Webflow has improved my workflow a lot. But it would improve it double as much if you could sync custom code with the editor and display it. A quick search on StackOverflow precented me with a great Javascript algorithm for reading CSS class values of a stylesheet.

You are maybe more focused on designers and no-coders. But I can tell you that to me as a coder Webflow is a great place to start with the front-end. But it would be a must-have tool only if it could properly read CSS values of a style sheet in to the editor. If you are afraid of intimidating beginners, make it a feature that can be activated under Settings. Add a button for syncing a CSS class with the editor and make a checkbox to show values that are not currently available in the editor.

You do this, and I’m sure the amount of tutorials and reviews on YouTube will double (free marketing).

Your post doesn’t make any sense to me. Your feature-request is only one sentence long, and the rest doesn’t really explain it. Anyway, the wishlist is here: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas

I’m sorry if it didn’t make much sense to you. I purposely kept it to one sentence. If you go to page settings you can add custom CSS classes to your elements on a page, or globally under Project settings. Letting users interact with these values inside the editor and instead of displaying it after you publish the page, will improve my workflow a lot. And I’m certain it would for a lot of people who feel restricted to the editor. Anyway thanks for telling me about the wishlist.

Custom CSS already works within the designer if you use an embed block. Then, make it a symbol and include it on every page. That’s how I currently do it.

If you want something like how codepen/jsfiddle does it, then the wishlist is the place to go.


Wow, that’s great. I didn’t know a style to an embed block would be accessible to other elements on the page.

Yes, I was thinking more in the direction of how Codepen does it. With the ability to modify the values straight in the editor. Like being able to read and write to the styles you have set by hand in the editor, such as in an embed block. I’m probably dreaming too big. I’ll stop here.