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Live Code Editor

Hey guys. Its come to my attention that sometimes I rather not export my site and would rather be able to edit my HTML/CSS/JQUERY online. I am aware of the HEAD, BODY and SCRIPT tages I can use. Any plans for the future to have a ‘live’ editor a la Sublime2? Just wishful thinking here. You guys rock.

Haha thanks @Jonas76. We’re thinking of bringing the custom code section into the designer so it’s more easily accessible. We are also thinking of ways we can let you add custom html to your site without breaking everything, but it’s tough because Webflow is a real WYSIWYG, so whatever you add will be added to the interface.

If something is added to the site that Webflow doesn’t understand then that get’s dicey. But we’ll think of a ways that might make it possible. :smiley:

I’d like to argue that developers prefer to write code in their own tool. Akin to how designers prefer to edit photos in photoshop or design icons in illustrator, devs prefer writing code in Sublime Text, Vim, etc.

To this end, I hope that we at Webflow are able to bridge this gap and allow coders to contribute to projects in parallel with designers.

Currently, the best workflow seems to be hosting external JS or CSS files on another server, and adding links to those resources in the <head> or </body> custom code sections.

I’d personally love to see this process improve. :+1:


I totally see the pitfalls in a live editor approach and understand the added frustration something like that could bring to support and the user. Thanks for the feedback!

Would love for this to make it happen, for example
if i want to embed some third party software created form, would love to display instantly
after you press “preview site” or the eye on top left.