Custom CSS files

We have the possibility add some custom css to the “custom code” section. But would it not be more sensible to also have a section for only custom css which also would make a separate .css file?
It would make the pages load faster since the css would only load once instead of on each page as it does today. And we also keep layout & content separated.


Just curious, what kind of custom CSS are you trying to add that can’t be accomplished via Webflow?

I agree with you that injecting CSS onto each page is silly, thus why I would export my code and add onto it from there.

Most of the css can be accomplished in Webflow. But there are cases when you use Javascript, html-embed or want to use some css properties which is not supported in Webflow.
We can always use a hosted external css or add it after export but it would be smoother to just have it integrated in Webflow don´t you think?

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I agree that the custom CSS should go into the site’s CSS file that Webflow generates, especially on HTML/CSS exporting. As it stands, it doesn’t make sense because the custom CSS applies at the global level. It’s not like we’re inputing it at the page level, in which case applying it in the head area of that specific pages makes sense. But if the CSS input is at the site’s config level, then it should be globally handled in one CSS file.

But a page-level CSS field would be awesome also, for those one-up cases.

Thanks for listening Webflow.

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+1 on a need for a custom css section that is connected to a separate .css file.

+1 to enhance the capabilities of the export tool. Perhaps customise the file / folder structure (seperating custom code into seperate files etc), minifing code, compressing as .zip to name a few