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See CSS custom code in editor or preview

Hi, I’ve had a quick search but can’t find a wish-list for this (surely it must have been requested?)…

I’d really like to be able to see the CSS I add as custom code in the editor (or at least in preview) – there are many reasons this would be useful but particularly for CSS pseudo classes. I tend to use them a lot and I know it’s a design challenge for webflow to add pseudo class functionality to the editor. If we could add them as custom code and could see the output in the editor, this would be a very helpful solution (I’d almost not need pseudo class support in the editor though it would be cool of course).

What do you mean? Custom CSS will already be shown if placed in an embed code widget, but if there is custom script together, it will be disabled.

Hi @samliew, thanks for the reply

Wow… I did not know that!

I’ve had a quick test and while it feels quite weird adding style blocks inside a div and outside the head … it really helps with the problems I described in my post (not being able to see pseudo classes applied in the editor) – so until they team figure out how to give us integrated pseudo class support, this is great.

Many thanks.