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Allow for per element code inspect and/or edit

Currently as I understand it, embed elements and per page/project custom code in header/before </body are the only way to add inline code through the designer/settings.

It would speed up and allow for a number of additional useful scenarios if the designer included per element code inspect and inline editing. I was thinking maybe this could be a small inspect/code edit area in settings for a selected element or even just as a specific “custom code” element similar to embed but without wrapping the markup in embed tags.

Some of the scenarios I commonly face that would be speed up or enabled from this include:

  • Quicker review of markup for anyone who is not clear how the Webflow designer actually compiles markup (don’t have to use something like Chrome inspect on publish on repeat).
  • Quicker debug of cross browser issues (especially flex boxing).
  • Quicker setup of custom code injection at a per element level (attributes required in adding jQuery/Angular etc.).
  • Edit or inclusion of standard attributes and their values per element.
  • Quick and easy Inclusion of any markup not possible through standard Webflow elements.

For more detailed site builds, a mixture of the above is actually where the majority of time is spent (not in the actual build). Put another way, the less time I have to spend in Chrome inspect on publish the quicker my Webflow builds would be.

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