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Interactions won't work at my published website

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a new project. But today, the interactions stopped working on my published website. In preview mode they’re working. Can someone help me? I can’t figure out where why this is happening.


Live website:

"Be more specific"

On this page for example the animation works fine:

-or- On your homepage for example the interaction e-nav__in does nothing (From y:0 to y:0).

Which interaction (Page name + Element on sitetree + Interaction name).
** Maybe check on your site backups (Maybe by mistake you remove/destroy something).

Mainly on the essay page. (the one I’ve linked in read-only mode). The homepage, ‘overzicht’, ‘over gidb’ and ‘contact’ page works fine.

The scroll, hover, page-load and menu-open animations won’t work.

I doesn’t seem that I’ve deleted something. It looks like a bug.

Clear cache + Try chrome incognito.


It looks like a bug. Maybe try to recreate this effect.

Thanks for helping. It can’t be the cache (and yes I’ve tried). Because it doesn’t work on any computer.

That animation need to be like that. In preview it works. And it did work a few hours ago.

Try to re create this effect (Very short) - and update.

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That’s very kindly. But why do you thinks that helps? All the interactions on that page aren’t working. And this animation did work.

And in preview it works.

No way for me to solve this (Or other users). This is some system bug - but maybe try to recreate -or- even create again this CMS page (Also test your backups).

Maybe try webflow support (by chat or email:

I thought so. But thankyou for your help! I appreciate that!

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