Interactions not working in Chrome - desktop or mobile

Hi all, I’ve got some troubles with my site. I’m working from a template so not really technical but I can see that where there are interactions in the section, the section sits blank (black).

I created the site with webflow using the chrome browser and it all looks fine in the preview mode but doesn’t work now that I’ve published it to my live site. I’m using the “Alice” restaurant template.

Is there any easy fix for this? I read some of the other posts regarding interactions not working but unfortunately I don’t understand what I need to do to fix my situation. I’ve tried uploading the site twice. Toying with the idea of removing ALL interactions and just using a basic site but that kind of is a bit of a downer.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Sound very weird.

Please add live URL + Read only + clear cache + try chrome incognito.

This original template works fine in your browser?

What about firefox, edge and other browsers?

Maybe you added custom CSS/JS?

Yes the original template works fine, and it works fine on edge. I just published it to a spare domain I have and it worked fine on chrome too. Very confusing. I’m going to try and remove it and retry - maybe it was just a problem last night for some reason.

Thanks for your quick response!

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