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All Interactions Stoped Working

All interactions on a new site I’m working on have suddenly stopped working…

Last night, all working fine, this morning - Nothing.

Weirdly they work in Webflow and in the preview just fine, just not live.

They’re pretty basic too, just on-hover effects.

My site I published 14 hours ago is fine.

Thanks for the reply @iDATUS

My site was fine this morning as well, but when I republished it, all interactions stopped.

I stripped back any changed I made this morning, but this made no difference.

In Webflow all interactions work great, when live they don’t work at all.

Very strange indeed as when its published its coded and set code.

Seems to all be working again now… Weird.

Ok something weird is definitely going on.

Sometimes when publishing the site, even with no changes, all interactions stop working.

If I refresh the same page later on, they begin working again until the next publish.

Any ideas?! It’s not a Webflow-wide bug is it?

Bugs in webflow are really not there. I find it always something done yourself.
There are quirks if you like, there was a strange link issue the other week that opened new pages.
So not totally ruling it out.
If you want me to take a look you can pm me read only details and site name.
Or we could try and sync a publish etc.

I think I have figured it out.

If I navigate to another page, then come back to the page with the interactions - they don’t work.

If I then cmd+R refresh the page with the interactions - they then work again.

They’re only on-hover interactions as well.

Any ideas?

Figured it out…

It didn’t like my additional Lazy Load code…

Which is a bit annoying but at least it looks pretty

Sounds like my partner, doesn’t like my extra lazy mode.

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