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Interaction works on preview - not on live

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing a super weird bug which is driving me crazy :smiley:

So I have an interaction set up on a div block. It lets the div block rotate so that it is not visible and lets another div block appear with the same rotation movement.

It worked absolutely fine in preview, live preview etc.

I then went on and designed more of the website and suddenly the interaction wouldn’t work on live preview anymore. The div block didn’t fade/rotate anymore, instead it just disappeared instantly and then the new div block appeared after the time it would usually take to do the rotation.

Now what’s really weird is, when I delete the new section which I designed (which does not interact or is even close to the section where the interaction happens) the interaction with the div blocks works again, on preview and live preview. As soon as I take the section back in the interaction bugs again.

What I also experienced earlier is, when the section where the interaction happens has a width which is displayed in px, the interaction won’t work again. If the width is displayed in VH the interaction works again. (This was all before I went on designing and having the problem with the new section)

This is super weird. I hope you understood everything. English is not my native language. Sorry for that :P.

The preview link to my page is below.

The section I was talking about is "section 2 " with the MNM Collective heading.
Go into preview and you see the interaction won’t work (its the photos of the backpacks)
Delete “section 2” go into preview and you’ll see the interaction working absolutely fine.

Can anyone help? It’s super frustrating.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Ok. I have no idea what causes this problem.

But instead of going on with knocking my head onto the table I decided to keep on designing the rest of the website.

The “section 2” which causes the bug, had a height of 100vh, when the bug occurred.
I changed the height to 80vh because that’s fitted the design better and now the interaction in the header section works again.

I have no idea why and what causes the problem in the first place, but hey, it’s working

Okay guys, story goes on.

I added another section. This time intentionally adding the height 100vh to see what happens.

Boom ! Interaction doesn’t work again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I then changed the vh to 80, 60, 50 etc. to see if something changes.

Nothing changes now. Now the section 3 is causing the problem. Doesn’t matter which height was added.

But it’s kinda funny actually. Feels like Webflow is pranking me and im doing random stuff tricking it but it keeps showing me its middle finger. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also just discovered that the interaction will work if the 3rd section is not bigger than 100px.

So it seems that the interaction won’t work if the site reached a specific height or sth? Idk.

I tried a lot of different stuff today. Deleted the page. Made a new one. Made similar pages with different sections. Using div blocks instead of sections etc.
It only works until the page gets a specific height, and from there the interaction stops working.

Just to let you know, if a developer reads this.

So… er… what exactly doesn’t work? Which elements with what interaction?

Sorry haha, the First section. Where the 3 images are.
The image on the left has an interaction, there are laying 2 more pictures behind it. So it does a rotation every 3 seconds. Displaying one after another. This interaction won‘t work if the page has a specific height, if you delete all other sections besides the first one it works .

It works for me though.

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oh wow, that’s super weird. It hasn’t been working for me for some reason…

Thanks anyways.

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