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Interactions suddenly not working?


Is the Webflow team working on some interaction stuff in the background at the moment as the sites I have been working on today have been going a bit screwy and on our own site, all of a sudden, some of the interactions have stopped working properly and get stuck half way through the animation! It seems to only be the ones with scaling in them?

EDIT: Yes, sites with a scaling interaction applied to an element do not transition completely and are left skewed.

Example…this element stays stuck like this,

It should, and always has, looked like this after fully loading…

Taking out scaling solves the problem but I have loads of sites using this interaction and I don’t want to try and find them all and edit manually.

And while we’re at it, internal links in the preview mode now give 404 errors or randomly go to webflow’s own website pages !

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? as this has broken all of our sites that use this interaction.


Hi @Golden28 and @Nosher thank you so much for pointing this out, sorry for the trouble! We’re investigating this right now and I’ll send over an update as soon as I have more information, thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

@Golden28 and @Nosher

can you both please give me your read-only links?

Link sent via message :wink:


Hi @Nosher @Golden28 We have made a fix and are in process of code checking and pushing it to production. I’ll reply again to this thread once the fix is live :slight_smile:

I got scaling issue too…

Hi @Nosher @Golden28 @Spindiv_IO

Can you try:

  1. Create a new empty interaction
  2. Delete that new empty interaction

This should refresh the interactions code base.

Thanks PixelGeek,

That works unfortunately we have to go through all our websites as we are not sure which ones use this feature ;(

Thanks for getting back


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