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Images not displaying on live site

I just added a few product images above our Columbus Day Sale (home page) text but they are not showing up on the live site after export. I’ve uploaded all files properly as usual, so I’m thinking it’s something to do with the site itself. I’ve done what I usually do when adding new images to a section, div or container.

You will see there are no “broken image” boxes, they’re just not there. The space they should be occupying is there, just no images. Could use a little help.

Uploaded to a different domain for testing here:

try setting the interaction to none for those images then re-export it.

TY… But I would like to use the interaction!

We are still working on this bug:

Since Columbus Day is already halfway done, I would suggest removing the interaction for now

Selling products > (is greater than) an animation at this point. :slight_smile:

Why would the interaction cause the images not to load. I have the same interaction on other elements and they work fine.

Plus our Columbus Day Sale continues through the 15th

That worked thank you… but I still dont know why an interaction would prevent loading of images,

it is an issue we are actively working on.

Arghhhh. I understand… poor timing.

sorry about this :frowning:

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