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Animations have stopped working

Randomly, all my custom animations have stopped showing, so that certain elements on my page are just at opacity 0. (the animations start there, and fade in). I’ve gone back to restored versions, and the bug persists, so i know its not anything i changed. It seems like a bug or something. Anyone else running into this issue?

Here is my public share link:

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Yeah I just had it affect images on my page so they stopped showing up. Hopefully it is temporary.

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Good to know! I can stop pulling my hair out and step away from the computer for a bit then.


Same here! All my animations were working fine yesterday, then went haywire today.

Same here! Seeing exactly the same behavior as Bryce. Restored a backup, but didn’t help. Any ETA on a fix? Or a workaround?

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Okay I’m not crazy. My interactions on a client’s site are not working as well

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Same here, working on a website and all the interactions are bugged.

+1 I have been battling cross site copy and paste interactions. Crazy things like switching positions from hover to hover out. I change it, come back after a few adjustments and it changed its state again.

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Having the same issue, now my live site navigation isn’t showing, all of nav items have interactions.

Same here, my live site and the “preview” are not working well and I haven’t done any change these days.

Following this… hopefully this gets fixed asap

Only workaround I’ve come by is to turn all the interactions off and just use Webflow’s default dropdown hover interaction… Just glad I noticed it before I did a site-wide publish. Hopefully gets fixed ASAP

Same issue, none of my drop down menus are showing.

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I’m having similar issues. Animations not working, items are misaligned, and dropdowns aren’t showing up.

Ok it’s good to know people are having similar issues. I thought I broke something! Ok so let’s see if we can track down the exact issue to help diagnose the potential bug.

For me it’s that I have an element trigger interaction on a div and the “initial state” for that element trigger does not do the set behavior so then you’re left with opposite of what you want to happen. Is that what’s happening for you all?


Same here!

On my site all items set to FLEX are now scale3D(0, 0, 1)… Which makes them 0 in height and width…

Same here on my end. The dropdown menu animation on my site is not working/showing at all.

In preview mode things look fine, but on the actual site, not so much.

Strange thing is that this started out as smaller animation issue where we thought someone on the team might have messed up and animated our logo to move over to the left in the nav element. Now it seems to have morphed into animations just not working at all.

Hoping for a fast fix here :crossed_fingers:

Same here, help please!

Hi all, sorry to hear this bug affected you. We found the culprit and have since deployed a fix.

Now, if you reload the Webflow Designer and publish your site, your site’s Interactions should behave as intended. Note that a hard refresh may be necessary (which can typically be performed by holding shift during reload).

Please let us know if your animations or dropdowns still appear broken, along with your share link.


hey @danro! That fixed it!

Thanks so much for your quick response. Shout-out to the dev team!

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