Various animations on my site broke recently

I haven’t touched this site in 4-6 months and some of the animations on them broke all the sudden a few weeks ago (roughly). The weird part is that they work fine in Webflow Preview mode, just not on the live site.

I can’t figure out why this happened because if you look at my preview link below you will see that I have the animations set up, which worked fine, and then all the sudden stopped with no new code pushes on my end.

Two areas that aren’t working now are the initial load screen Explore More button and the Services section boxes.

Hi @GoldenRatio

Thanks for posting about this. Definitely odd behavior.

I’ve reported this to our engineers and we are investigating this now.

I’ll be sure to post back here when I have more details.

​Thanks in advance for your patience!


Brando, this was resolved too, just like the other one you commented on, by simply publishing the site. All set.


Thanks for the update @GoldenRatio — happy to hear that helped resolve the issue :smile:

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