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Interactions 2.0.1 very odd bugs

Hey guys, experiencing very strange behavior

  1. I was designing the navbar transition, which is quite simple: when my “Hero” section leaves the screen the “nav-solid” div which seats just below the navbar should change its opacity from 0 to 100. I spent almost half day trying to apply this logic in Safari and nothing seemed to work, then I just switched to Chrome and it worked straight ahead, I’m quite sure I was doing the same thing , cause the logic is quite simple.

  2. When I was almost happy that at least it worked in Chrome , I noticed that some pages are stuck in some in between stage, so for example right now the Intro page looks exactly as I intended when I view a published site, whereas on Donate Page navbar looks much darker instead of being semi-transparent, and on the Contact Us page it’s even worse, the nav-solid is stuck in 100% opacity.
    All these pages are designed in absolutely identical approach and I can’t see any mistake on my part so far, but that is quite possible.

Seems for me these two bugs could be related to how interactions 2.0 interacted with cache in the browser and then somehow even screwing the published version? just assuming.

  1. When I was applying interaction 2.0 on my Hero I kept seeing a notification that a legacy interaction applied on it, I checked several times and coudln’t see any legacy interaction on that element

  2. I was applying same animation preset on the very same nav-solid element on each page, but it kept showing me red exclamation mark and I had to select the same element with which the interaction was created in the first place

All that left me kind of exhausted and paranoid with things that I assumed would be very simple to do
:crazy_face: :webflow_heart:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @radmitry

Thanks so much for posting about these issues — the detailed information is very helpful.

I’ve reported this issue to the team and we are investigating these now. I’ll be sure to post back here as soon as I have more information!

For issue No. 4: This is expected behavior. Please see this post: Copying new Interactions causes "element no longer exists in your site" error

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