Interactions not loading on published website

Hi guys,

I have published the website and in Chrome and on Safari, any Element that has a (legacy) interaction doesnt load/appear. All the other text elements that have no interactions are shown. (Already tried incognito mode to see if extensions/apps are blocking the appearance/loading of the interactions)

Firefox and Edge are fine.

In the webflow preview it worked like a charm.

I’ve read all the discussions to this issue, and while some people have had a very similar issue back then in January 2018 - Their solution (loggin out and in and republish site) didnt solve mine.

I have no idea what’s wrong, please help me.

Best regards

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hi @Tommie

Thanks for posting here about this issue. Our team received your emails about this issue and we have filed an internal report to get this issue resolved for you.

We are still unable to see this issue on our end, but our team is investigating trying to find the underlying cause.

I’ll be sure to post back and email you when we have a solution.

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