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All of my Interactions (2.0) no longer exist

My Read-only Here:

I just recently published my site to see how it looked live in the browser. I realized that on the live site that none of the non-legacy interactions were working. I went back to the designer to find that none of my 15 2.0 interactions had been saved. I am very confused as to why this has happened. I do not intend to have to recreate my interactions but I seems that I may have to now b/c all of them have been deleted.

I haven’t worked on any of my interactions for a while now and I am not sure what caused them to disappear. I’ve tried three different computers each with Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, and Edge and none of them seem to list my interactions.

Please help me find a fix for this. Thank you

Outch, sorry to read that.

You should contact for this, without waiting.

Hey @EthanApalis,

I’m sorry to hear about your trouble! This really sounds like something that shouldn’t happen. Can you please contact us at with more details? Also we would really appreciate if you check which of your latest versions has those interactions and add that information in your message to our Support Team. You can preview your site versions here:


Phew! We patched a place where this was triggered and nothing like this should ever show up again. Thank you for your patience @EthanApalis and we’re glad the Version Revert worked for you :slight_smile:

For anyone that suffered from the same issue, please contact us through or directly through Designer’s Help & Feedback modal with all information and we’ll look into it. Please make sure to describe what has happened, when it happened, and add a link to this thread if necessary.



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