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Interactions 2.0 yeah! How about graphs, bars and calculators?

As I’ve just learnt by mail, we can now all signup for the beta of the interactions 2.0 here:

This all looks good and promising, it’s adding more visual dynamics to our possibilities! Yup, more things to make your website fancier and shiny. Good things. Yea-ieh!

Besides als the visual glitter and glamour, I like to make an argument for more functionality. Such as using the CMS’s data as input to make awesome graphs and bars. Or use user-input to do calculations, or do something with data from forms. How awesome would that be?

It would surely mean a serious range extender to the power of the CMS. Any lights by the @webflow team if there’s something in the pipes?

Cheers! (ps. I’d like to hear your thoughts below!)


Interesting request Diu. Sounds like you are requesting a Dataflow instead of Webflow builder ;). I currently use CSS and animations for pie charts, but I see where you’re going. And also, not to put out the flame out on interaction 2.0, but these new features are truly a designer’s dream (well, at least mine). It look SICK and I can’t wait to play with these new interactions as I already have some ideas I’d like to play around with. Looking forward to Interactions 2.0. And it looks like you will be able to make your charts also based on the presentation.


The timeline is going to be so cool


They certainly look impressive. Good job @Webflow.

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Is there an ETA on this?

I am really exited about this feature. So cool! Finally all those parallax awesomeness can now be possible.

I am curious about usability improvements of the interactions editor, as well as interactions by ID. Any hints about that?

Wow this looks amazing. Can´t wait to check it out.:smiley:

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Good call @Jonas76 about DataFlow. I might be a bit biased because I’m working in a scene with a lot of new tech developments, but I see a lot of possibilities if we could do more with data (from user input and the CMS).

I’m currently working on a personal project that needs a lot of research. One of the interesting things I found out was that there are four branches that make up little over 50% of the firms in new tech in the US. [Read: those that VC’s are interested in]

Semiconductor and related components
Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing
Medical equipment

I’m pretty sure Parallax and fancy mouse-over effects are going to do great things for their (internal!) websites. However, as these companies rely heavy on data, I see an exponential value to being able to make graphs, bars and calculators. Imagine if we can make the UI for dashboards. Imagine if we could allow for dynamic frontpages based on user input. That would turn websites from an online flyer [as over 90% of them are], to a portal, a tool, or/and a source of information that people return to.

It’s probably on the roadmap somewhere in 2018, I noticed that @webflow really listens to people in the forums, that’s why I’m bringing it up so we might get it sooner.


Diu I’m with you on the UI dashboards. I think a lot of custom design is headed that way and into hands of designers vs legacy programmers. The ability to iterate fast in UI design really sets webflow apart. I still remember doing mockups for a large e-commerce when webflow was fairly new and having people jaw drop at the speed I was able to do it (thanks to webflow). I can only imagine what new interaction and Dataflow will be able to do! :wink: The point you bring up is excellent really. We have been noodling with taking all our presentations and making them “online” viewable only. Animated stats and calculators are truly a valuable addition even in my industry.

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Any updates? Looks really wonderful !!!