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Webflow Interactions 2.0 Launch

Hi everyone!

We just pushed IX2.0 to everyone in production - we can’t wait for you all to take it for a spin!

We’re so excited about the potential of IX2 to create completely new experiences on the web that we created a launch page for you see what it’s capable of — and it’s live on Product Hunt right now:

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience waiting for this feature. It has been awesome seeing the community feedback and we can’t wait to see what you all build. Share your work by tweeting it out with the #WebflowIX2 hashtag so we can share it with the rest of the Webflow Community!


Finally! Thank you!!!

This is awesome. So excited to test it out!

Thanks Webflow!

Hey @brryant,

and what are with the bugs and issues? Are they fixed? Because I can´t save a symbol with IX 2.0, as an example.

@Maurice please be sure to read through our release notes for Interactions 2.0 for more details on upcoming updates:


Felicitations everyone @Webflow for releasing IX2!

I’m getting comfortable with it, it has a bit of a learning curve but passed this, it’s very easy to work with. It’s fast to create multi elements animations, it’s easy to re-use them. And I like being able to test without leaving the IX panel.

The UI clearly let room for more triggers and options, can’t wait for more!

Let’s make all the things move.


Thanks so much @vincent :heart_eyes:

Check out the new Interactions and animations course on Webflow University:


Hi there, just a quick question - what happens to legacy interactions which were utilised within a site if I start using interactions 2.0?

Amazing! Great release guys - can’t wait to get stuck into something new.

Legacy is still there and you can switch to it. Legacy anims continue to work, you can create new ones, you can switch anytime you want between legacy and IX2 and they both work together.

However don’t add an IX1 and an IX2 on the same element. And be careful if you mix those 2 too closely, like having one element with a loop IX1 motion interaction, wrapped into an element with also a motion interaction but made with IX2. Could go wrong. Anyway, you shouldn’t need to do this.

Where you’ll need IX1 is to make IX inside Symbols.


I’ve awaken from a couple of months of slumber to this, what a great day it is!
Thank you @webflow you’ve finally done it :tada::tada:

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Great release team! What’s the best way to now handle component interactions like a slider or tabs? IX1 or IX2?

Nice. Also i really like the idea of this minisite send by email:

I dont think you can make so complex animations in any other tool/CMS/builder (“without write code” - like scroll magic and other JS).

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I still think we should be able to use the old interactions, I’ve just given a time scale of a new website I’m working on but its going to take twice as long now because I have to learn something new… Which by looks of it isn’t very user friendly… I understand it takes time to learn but hmmm.

you can:


Learning is the fun part of life. These simple videos could help:

@PixelGeek Yes but thats only on an existing project, if you create a new project you cant use the old interactions.

Learning is fun, but webflow never seem to communicate changes, they just “surprise” us or tell us its coming soon.

you can still use IX1 on new projects:

Ah ok you have to click away for it to unblank its self, now I’m not so grumpy :stuck_out_tongue:


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