Integrating Webflow CMS into Webflow static sites


Last time I used Webflow it was still for static websites only.
Today I discovered that a CMS feature has been added. Very cool.

I wonder:

  1. is there any way to convert one of my static webflow websites into a webflow CMS site?? I’d need to do that to add a blog to that static site.

  2. If not, could I build a blog page using Webflow CMS, and then add that blog page to my static webflow site?
    (or add a blog page to a static webflow site, and then build that blog page using Webflow cms) ?

I’d love to be able to integrate Webflow CMS and Webflow static features, without having to use Wordpress integration instead. (still have to figure this out too, anyway!)

I hope to understand more about this…
Thank you!

Your static site is already a CMS site. Watch the tutorials about CMS, you’ll find everything you need; already in your static project.

Everything starts here…


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